2nd Sunday of Lent

In last Sunday’s Gospel Jesus journeyed into the desert and was tempted by the devil. Today Jesus climbs a high mountain on which he is transfigured in front of his closest disciples. Whether isolated in the wilderness or accompanied by friends on a mountaintop, Jesus remains faithful to the will of God. May he be a model for us. 

If last week’s readings centered on temptation, this week they coalesce around the theme of blessing. The reading from Genesis, though only four verses, uses the word “bless” or “blessing” five times. Next, Paul reminds Timothy of the blessings God bestowed on us through Christ Jesus. Finally, we witness the Transfiguration, a visual manifestation of God’s blessing on Jesus. Let us listen today to God’s promised blessings. 

Jesus’ final line of today’s Gospel reads like a spoiler alert: “Do not tell the vision to anyone until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead” (Matthew 17:9). It is as if Peter, James, and John (The Sons of Thunder) had seen an advance trailer that could ruin the ending for everyone else. No worries. In the next chapter of Matthew, the disciples argue over who is the greatest. It appears that they have missed the point once again. They are still struggling with God’s command: “Listen to him” (17:5).
How can you listen to Jesus over the next week? What is he telling you?